Why the new free gprs browsing software is superior

Many software are out there that help bypass Internet censorship. Some allow GPRS based Internet browsing to be accessed free. Some of them include Gpass, Gtunnel, Utrasurf, and Freegate all of which no longer work in Nigeria and Freedom which still works but has a lot of restrictions and shorcomings.

First, Freedom is only free for a maximum of 18 hours a week and at most 6 hours in any given day. The free freedom profile is not that fast (only 65k/s) and loses server contact frequently especially on MTN. In fact, it can be frustrating using Freedom with MTN because of the frequently server disconnections. It is more stable with other networks. For basic websurfing and other web applications, it's ok especially since it's free.

However, there's another software that appears to take care of the frequent server contact loss on MTN. In fact, in private tests conducted over several weeks, I discovered that it can stay connected for at least 4 hours at a stretch without loss of contact with the remote server. Here are list of its advantages.

1. Requires no registration to use.

2. Gives round the clock Internet surfing ( no time restrictions whatever)

3. Faster than Free Freedom and other software that worked in the past.

4. Of course, it protects your IP on the Internet.

I just finished the do-it-yourself screenshot-illustrated manual which includes the link for downloading the software.

The manual is not free. Sorry about that but really it is not for everybody. We don't want it bastardized like freedom.

If you need it, the price is N5000.

If you need it, call me on 01 898 3152 or send an email to freegprsnigeria@yahoo.com.

The offer will expire soon.

Can I do these with free gprs browsing?

I have got quite a number of emails asking if free gprs browsing on PC/Laptop supports the following:

1. Internet Explorer, Firefox, opera, and other web browsers.

2. Forex trading platforms such as Metatrader 4, Marketiva, etc

3. Download of software and other internet files.

4. Internet radio listening with applications such as itune and Windows Media Player.

My answer to these questions is that the two software I have supports all these applications and in fact, many more applications that are not listed here.

I'll show you how to set up any application you want to access the Internet free of charge, regardless of your location in Nigeria.

The manual plus software is just N5000. Limited copies available.

Breaking News! New Free browsing software out.

It is no longer news that gpass, gtunnel, freegate, and the other software in their group no longer work with our networks. But that doesn't mean there aren't other software you can use to browse on PC/laptop free 24 hours a day.

In fact, I have two such software and one of them is brand new, so you may not have heard it before. I will send you the download links plus how to configure them to work free with Zain, MTN and Etisalat.

For those of you trading forex, I can help you set up your trading platforms to work with these software.

This is offer is available to just 50 people nationwide, so hurry now and send an email to freegprsnigeria@yahoo.com.

Zain GPRS Settings

APN: wap.ng.zain.com

Username: wap

Password: wap


Port: 8080

For free browsing on PC or Laptop, send an email to freegprsnigeria@yahoo.com.

MTN GPRS Settings

APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

Username: web

Password: web


Port: 8080

Want to browse free on PC/Laptop?

Then send an email to freegprsnigeria@yahoo.com

Free GPRS Browsing Craze In Nigeria: The albatross of GSM Networks In Nigeria

Free MTN browsing, free mtn gprs, free zain browsing, free zain gprs, free glo browsing....

Nigerian youths seem to be searching for little else online. I don't really blame them.

What with the global recession biting hard on them. How many can afford the overpriced data plans from MTN Nigeria, Zain or Glo?

At N10,000 per month with 3G data cap, it's more than the minimum wage in Nigeria.

When you combine it with the army of unemployed graduates in Nigeria, it comes as no surprise that the youths spend a lot of time online seeking free browsing on MTN Nigeria, Glo or Zain.

If the networks want the free gprs browsing craze to stop, they should consider pricing their GPRS data plans within the reach of minimum wage earners at least.

I know they won't do this anytime soon.

For those of you who need the latest information on how to browse free on MTN, Zain, etc. with your PC/laptop, the manual plus software is out.

The price is N5000. Sorry the browsing is free but the manual is not because somebody spent time researching and writing it.

Besides we don't want spammers to bastardize the new software.

If you need it, call me on 01 898 3152 or email freegprsnigeria@yahoo.com.